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Fermín Cabal
Fermín Cabal
Was born in 1948 in León, Spain, Fermín Cabal gained his first experience in independent theatre with groups such as Los Goliardos, Tábano and El Gayo Vallecano, through which he produced his first work as a writer. A founding member of the Sala Cadarso and Gayo Vallecano theatres, Fermín is a renowned playwright and theatre director, screenwriter for cinema and television, cinema director and essayist.
He has written numerous theatrical works, including: Tú estás loco, Briones [Briones, you’re mad!] (1978); Vade retro [Get Thee Behind Me] (1978); Fuiste a ver a la abuela??? [Have you been to your granny’s?] (1979); Sopa de mijo para cenar [Millet Soup for Dinner] (1979), a free version of a text by Dario Fo (a new corrected version in 1999); El preceptor [The Prefect] (1980), in collaboration with F. Heras and V. Cuesta, a free version of the text by J. M. R. Lenz; Malandanza de don Juan Martín [The Misfortune of Don Juan Martín] (1981), an adaptation of Que vivan las cadenas [Long Live the Chains] (1977); Caballito del diablo [Dragonfly] (1981); Esta noche gran velada [Tonight, Main Event!] (1982); Ello dispara [Shoot!] (1989); Travesía [Passage] (1988‑1992); Entre tinieblas [Dark Habits] (1992) in collaboration with Pedro Almodóvar; Castillos en el aire [Castles in the Sky] (1993-94); Electra (1997), based on texts by J. Giradoux and Euripides; Medea (1998), a retelling of the classical myth; Escenas del milenio [Scenes of the Millennium] (1999), scenes chosen from world theatre from the Renaissance until 1960, upon which he has based a new version with the title Otra noche sin Godot [Another Night Without Godot] (2001); Tejas Verdes (performed and published both as Tejas Verdes and If Anything is Sacred) (2001); Agripina [Agrippina] (2002); Maldita cocina [Damned Kitchen] (2004); Ni es cielo ni es azul [Neither Sky Nor Blue] (2001‑2009), in collaboration with Luis Montes; La vida según Amelia [Life According to Amelia] (2009), based on scenes by students of the Universidad Nebrija in Madrid; and Luna negra de Madrid [Black Moon of Madrid] (2008‑2009).
He has adapted: Beyond Therapy [Y yo con estos nervios] (1989) by Christopher Durang; American Buffalo [El búfalo americano] (1990) by David Mamet; Zvyozdy na Utrennem Nebe [Estrellas en la madrugada] (1991) by Alexander Galin; A Taste of Honey [Sabor a miel] (1992) by Shelagh Delaney; La stazione [La estación] (1993) by Humberto Marino; and The Lover [El amante] and The Collection [La colección] (2000) by Harold Pinter.
He has also directed the following works for the stage: Tú estás loco, Briones (1978); Y yo con estos nervios (1989); El búfalo americano (1990); Entre tinieblas (1992) and Travesía (1993).
In 1985 he directed the feature film La reina del mate [The Queen of Maté] based on a script written by Fermín the previous year.
His numerous essays include: Teatro español de los 80 [Spanish Theatre in the 80s], with José Luis Alonso de Santos; El teatro español entre dos fuegos [Spanish Theatre: Between a Rock and a Hard Place]; La situación del teatro en España [The Current State of Spanish Theatre] and Dramaturgia española de hoy [Spanish Drama Today].
His work has been translated into Arabic, Catalan, English, Flemish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian and Russian.
His has also received numerous prizes for his work, including: Mayte 1983, El Espectador y la Crítica 1984, Tirso de Molina 1991 and De la Crítica 1997.
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